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We bake the difference

We have been in business since 2006. Susie's Cinns’ menu is a collection homebaked (from scratch ingredients) products which include specialty breads and muffins; cinnamon buns; gourmet cookies.

We Bake the Best Pies in Western Canada

All pastry is made by hand, all fillings are made from scratch with fruit grown in Saskatchewan.

12” pies in so many varieties you won’t be able to pick just one!

Homemade Cinns

We started our business by baking cinnamon buns and the possibilities are endless. Try out Classic Carmel, Pecan Carmel, Bacon Carmel, Saskatoon Berry and more!

We also make Stuffed Buns

Lunch couldn’t be easier with so many varieties to chose from. Kids love ‘em, Adults love ‘em. We have a size and variety for everyone.

Custom Cupcakes

We keep it simple but tasty and light. Let us know what you like, we will do our best to make it special.

Order a custom cupcake

Homemade baking

Inspired by generations of great home cooks, our recipes come from the heart and family. Everything we do tastes just like Mom’s and Grandma’s because they taught us everything we know and shared their recipes with us. We take pride in knowing that everything is made from scratch. From soup stock to bread to Christmas cake and pie!

We make delicious Breads and Loaves

We do the basic white, whole wheat and multigrain, but you have to experience our Cheese Bread for your grilled cheese or our Cinnamon Roll bread for French Toast! Don’t forget Banana Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed and the every popular Cheddar Apple Bacon loaves. Delish!

Soup and Salad

Talk about FRESH! We make the stock, bake the bread and salads are made with fresh ingredients. Check out our catering menus and watch for weekly updates!

Homemade SaskatoonBerry Cinns

A local favourite, you can’t go wrong, just like eating pie with the filling on the outside!


It's not all!

Susie’s Cinns offers a variety of comfort foods made from the heart to provide families and businesses to a well deserved break and still feel at home. We are a full service company that provides organization and efficiency to any event we are planning. Our specialties are baking, corporate lunches, family events & weddings. Our experience in Event Management and food services, allows us to provide organizations with all their required needs.