Susie Goes to Camp!

Normal people take vacations. They buy plane tickets to sandy beaches and sip margaritas in the sun. Or maybe they're more adventurous and they take a romantic ski weekend in BC. Or perhaps they save up for a few months and visit the ruins in Rome.

Susie, however,  decides to spend her summer vacation living in a wood cabin  and working in an understaffed, overworked kitchen from sunrise to sunset. Thats right, Susie spends her downtime working as a camp cook at Dallas Valley Ranch Camp. So while the rest of us get sunburns and hangovers, Susie will be stuffing her baking into over-caffeinated campers and under-caffeinated staffers for all of next week.

Unfortunately, that means the kitchen and the shop is closed next week. We'll be taking a short hiatus for everyone to enjoy a few relaxing days in the sun before we come back to work on Aug. 9.

So if you're need a little something from Susies kitchen to tide you over for a week, pop by the store before we close at 6 today and grab some cinns, soup, or sweets.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new expanded hours and our new Drive Through when we get back!

See you soon!