New Year? New Susies Cinns!

Happy New Years all! Hope you had a merry and stress-free holiday!

Did you make any New Years Resolutions? We resolved to sit by the fire with a mug of cocoa until the weather returns to a respectable level. We didn't make any life-altering decisions over here in the kitchen, but we do have some big news for you.

First up, we have to start with a tad bit of bad news. We have to keep the store closed for the month of January.

Unfortunately there are a few minor repairs that have to happen to the cafe and we are busy experimenting to add some exciting new things to our menu. However, that doesn't mean we are done cooking and baking! The kitchen will still be running for a number of our catering requests over January. So if you need some fresh cinns, or are desperate for a couple meals to go this weekend, give us a call at 306-536-4747. 

 Homemade Sandwich Tray

Homemade Sandwich Tray

Which brings us to the second important bit of news to share. We're getting healthy this year! Sort of. We've always had fresh ingredients and homemade food here at Susie's Cinns, but our recipes involve a lot more dashes, heaps, and "about thaaat much" from the mind of our master home cook herself. So we've partnered with my son, Dane Waldal from Muscle Panda, to offer some new macronutrient friendly meals to go. Delicious low carb, high protein, low fat, and many other types of meals will be available for those days when you just don't quite have enough time to make supper for 6.

Third, and last; we are reviving our online store! You'll be able to book catering requests as well as pre-order baking, seasonal favourites and meals to go. 

We've got all of this and more coming up over the next few weeks, so stay tuned! 

The Susies Cinns Store will re-open January 31! See you soon!