Valentine's Day Specials

We have something new and exciting to add to our Meals To Go. We now have healthy, macro-friendly meals to go from Muscle Panda available for purchase at the store. These meals are prepared and portioned to exact specifications in order to ensure that you can trust the nutritional information in them if you need a meal to stick in the freezer for later that week. We use fresh ingredients to make sugar free, low carb, low fat, or high protein meals. 

We're adding meals to the menu every weekend and we offer discounts if you buy in packs of 4. Online ordering coming soon, but for now you can pick them up at the store or order by call/emailing us. We recommend the Mango Chicken on Mexican Rice Pilaf!

Valentine's day is coming up, and you have to make the annual decision getting dressed up and spending money to have someone else make you a romantic dinner, or staying comfortable at home with a simple meal. And that's not even factoring in if you have to arrange for a babysitter. Want the ease of having someone else make your dinner combined with the comfort of spending a romantic evening at home? Need to feed the little rugrats so that you can finally leave the house for a romantic dinner, for once? We've got you covered!

We're offering a pre-order meal package available all next week. Chicken Penne Alfredo with Ceasar Salad and a decadent chocolate cake if you're ordering for two or a half-dozen cupcakes if you're ordering the family size. Order online, call, or email us to place an order.

We are also going to be hosting a desert tasting night at the Store in Emerald Park, if you feel like getting out of the house and socializing a bit that evening. We will have a few dessert options to choose from as well as a Valentine's themed gourmet Hot Chocolate Supreme. We'll be open late from 6-9PM that evening so you can come by for a sweet treat on Valentine's Day.

See you soon!