Susie Goes to Camp!

Normal people take vacations. They buy plane tickets to sandy beaches and sip margaritas in the sun. Or maybe they're more adventurous and they take a romantic ski weekend in BC. Or perhaps they save up for a few months and visit the ruins in Rome.

Susie, however,  decides to spend her summer vacation living in a wood cabin  and working in an understaffed, overworked kitchen from sunrise to sunset. Thats right, Susie spends her downtime working as a camp cook at Dallas Valley Ranch Camp. So while the rest of us get sunburns and hangovers, Susie will be stuffing her baking into over-caffeinated campers and under-caffeinated staffers for all of next week.

Unfortunately, that means the kitchen and the shop is closed next week. We'll be taking a short hiatus for everyone to enjoy a few relaxing days in the sun before we come back to work on Aug. 9.

So if you're need a little something from Susies kitchen to tide you over for a week, pop by the store before we close at 6 today and grab some cinns, soup, or sweets.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new expanded hours and our new Drive Through when we get back!

See you soon!

How to Find Us!

Susie has a store! And it's easy to get to!

Going to Katepwa? Or Echo Lake? Or going to Whit Butte Trails for a hike? We're just a short jaunt from the highway.

Single lane driving on the highway starting to get on your nerves now that you're coffee is gone? Pop in for a quick pick-me up to calm the looming road rage.

We opened the cafe, or bakery, just a couple short blocks from the Trans Canada highway and across the street from the Communiskate Rink in Emerald Park. So if you're heading out to the lake this summer, coming out to Emerald Park to golf, or if you're on a work site on the highway swing by the shop! We have fresh made food as well as all kinds of baked goods to stuff the pantry at the cabin with.

Hope to see you soon!